Life on the Island

Day 48 on the Island, and I’ve only just now managed to rig up the coms system so I can get word out to you. There’s so much to tell!


The Island now features a Gateway to the Land of Darkness, also known as a “comment box on the internet”. Share tips with your fellow learners, tell me what you liked or disliked about an episode, all right here on the episode page.

Free Trials

I keep having a really hard time deciding which episodes should be freebies. Which best represent the style and content of Lambda Island?

But I found a solution: make them all free! People who sign up now will get a one week free trial so they can have a look around.


A few weeks ago we had our third ClojureBridge workshop in Berlin. I’m one of the organizers, and looking at the feedback it seems we did a really good job.

Working towards a more diverse and inclusive community is very dear to me. To encourage the attendees to continue their journey with Clojure they will all receive an offer for a one year free membership of Lambda Island. I will extend the same offer to other ClojureBridge chapters around the world.


I’ve simplified the pricing, from three tiers (monthly/quarterly/yearly) to just two (monthly/yearly). It’s explained in detail on the brand new pricing page.

If your employer has a budget for education then you might want to talk to them. I’m offering attractive discounts for group memberships.

There’s also an option to be listed as a sponsor, either by sponsoring an episode directly, or by getting a group subscription.

Profile, Password Reset

When the site launched almost two months ago, it was very much a matter of hitting the ground running without drowning in mixed metaphors. Anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary for the launch would have to wait for later.

Since then I’ve deployed 71 new versions, and while there are still a few loose ends at least the essentials should be there now. This includes password-reset emails, which take you to a profile settings page where you can update your password, and also review your email settings.

These links are really just short-lived login tokens, so you can use them for instance to log in from a mobile device, when it’s too tedious to enter your password.


On the profile settings page there are three email categories to opt-in or out from.

New Episode Notifactions

Sent out automatically with each new episode, these also contain the full transcript (for paid subscribers, trial members, or freebie episodes) so you can easily read through it on the road.

News and promotions

News about Lambda Island, like the email you’re reading now. Personalized promotions and “lifecycle emails” also fall into this category.

The Plexus of Life Newsletter

Launching soon, this will be a more personal newsletter. I’ll muse about Clojure, but also about life, travels, and coding in general.

You are not automatically opted in to this one, so if this kind of personal newsletter interests you then update your settings!