The Best Clojure Tutorials Money Can Buy

Lambda Island sceencasts are professionally produced, high quality videos. A lot of time goes into making them, to make sure your time isn’t wasted.

The central theme is Clojure web development, both backend and frontend. You’ll also learn about tooling and fundamental aspects of the language.

Concepts are explained in a systematic way that is easy to follow. Minimal prior knowledge is assumed, all you need is basic familiarity with Clojure. Topics are covered with plenty of depth, so that even experienced clojurians will learn something new.

About me

I’ve been programming for over a decade, in several different industries and programming languages. In the Clojure community I’m best known for making web development easy with Chestnut, and for organizing ClojureBridge Berlin.

I honestly think Clojure is the best thing since sliced bread, its simplicity and power can transform the way we write software in the coming decade or more. Unfortunately documentation and educational resources are still mostly lacking. This is what I’m trying to remedy.

You can find me on Twitter as @plexus.

[T]he presentation is top notch, and the show notes are probably the best I’ve seen since RailsCasts.

— Joshua Ballanco (@manhattanmetric)