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Samuel Tschiedel

“I'd like to thank you for your tutorials, articles and your libs! I can't understate how important they were on my clj onboarding. The content was always superb, and I've used them multiple times as examples of good pacing and structure. (To the point of spoiling the viewers!)”

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Michael Ruggiero

“Learning so much from the episodes! Love how you weave a lot of experience and ideas into each one. Keep it up!”

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47. Interceptors, part 1, concepts45. À la Carte Polymorphism, part 1

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49. Passwordless Authentication With ring-oauth248. List Comprehension with clojure.core/for

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How we give back

Lambda Island creates and maintains several popular Clojure libraries and tools.


Full featured next gen Clojure test runner.


Royally reified regular expressions.


A ClojureScript logging library based on goog.log.


Convert ANSI escape codes to Hiccup.

We also maintain community infrastructure, like the ClojureVerse forum and the clojurians-log Slack archive.



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Clojure geek, or just Clojure curious? We’ve got you covered. Learn step by step all the pieces you need to build your own app—from the frontend to the database—and learn from the pros how to be productive with Clojure’s unique interactive development style.

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Our (not so) secret weapon is Clojure.

Oh, and we also organize the Heart of Clojure conference.