About Lambda Island

Lambda Island is a joint effort by the Gaiwan Team to promote Clojure, engage the community, and strengthen the ecosystem.

We produce video tutorials, in-depth blog posts, and publish a smattering of Clojure-related content on our YouTube channel.

We also author and maintain over a dozen Clojure tools and libraries under the banner of Lambda Island Open Source, including the popular Kaocha test runner, and we power the ClojureVerse forum.

The Lambda Island community values creativity, exploration, and empowerment through coding. Come find us on Discord! We’d love to hear what you are working on.

You can support our work by signing up for a subscription, which also gives you access to all premium content, or you can support our open source and community work in particular via Open Collective.

If you are looking for professional Clojure help then come find us over at Gaiwan.