A personal Lambda Island subscription costs US$ 12.00 per month or US$ 120.00 per year (2 months for free). This includes

  • Access to all existing content
  • Access to all new content
  • Streaming video + full text transcript + code samples

New episodes are posted about once a week.

For EU customers this price is always calculated to be inclusive of VAT. If you are a registered business with an EU VAT registration number, you can enter it during checkout in order to be invoiced correctly.

Students, unemployed

If you are a student or unemployed you can get a permanent 50% off. Get in touch for a discount code. This also applies to anyone who has difficulty paying the full price due to economic reasons.

ClojureBridge attendees get free access for one year. Your local chapter organizer can get you a sign up link. Let them get in touch.

Team Subscription

Your company does Clojure development? You want to give a Lambda Island subscription as a perk to your employees? Great!

A team subscription costs only US$ 540 per year and gives up to 12 developers full access to all content.

Doing Clojure professionally as part of a team? Talk to your employer, there’s probably a training budget waiting to be used.

It is possible to sponsor a specific episode. If Clojure programmers are your company’s primary audience, then this can be a great way to reach them.

A sponsored episode is free for all, subscriber or not. You also get access to the video files and embeddable player, so you can share the video on your company blog, site, or use internally for trainings etc.

An episode sponsor can have a say on the topic of the episode, as long as it fits in with the rest of the site’s content, and aligns with the interests of the subscribers.

I will only do a limited amount of sponsored episodes, at most every one to two months, so if this offer interests you get in touch early. Sponsoring an episode costs US$ 1500.