Happy Birthday - 24 hours of freebies and more

Happy Birthday to me

It’s my birthday, and this year I’m treating. The next 24 hours all videos on Lambda Island will be free for anyone to watch. That means until January 31, 7:00 am UTC. Enjoy!

Heart of Clojure

I know it’s been a little too quiet around here. I’ve been busy with many other things that might interest you though, such as Heart of Clojure, a super cool conference coming to Europe this summer. The CFP is open!. We’re also still looking for sponsors.

Make sure to put it in your calendar, and consider putting in a proposal, it’s gonna be great.


The last three months I’ve been working hard on Kaocha, the all-in-one next generation Clojure test runner. I was lucky to get a three month grant from Clojurists Together, and this has really helped to propel Kaocha forward.


I may not have posted much on Lambda Island recently, but I did make a few videos, they are a very different format, less scripted, more “live”. One is about setting up Figwheel main+Clojure CLI+CIDER, the other is a recording of a live stream I did playing around with another open source library of mine: Trikl.


Trikl lets you write console applications with a Reagent-esque, Hiccup-like syntax. It’s a really fun library to play with, and might form the basis for some great new Clojure tooling.

Tree Shaping with Zippers

Another thing that came out on the Lambda Island YouTube channel is this talk I did at the Denver Clojure meetup about using clojure.zip: The Art of Tree Shaping with clojure.zip

: Technically my birthday was yesterday, but who’s keeping track?