Lambda Island's One Year Anniversary πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

Exactly one year ago the Lambda Island site went live. It had two episodes up: one free and one for subscribers only. Now one year later there are 30 episodes and over six hours of content. There’s a free guide about Clojure REPLs, and half a dozen blog posts.

But most importantly what was once a desert island is now full of people. Over eight hundred have tried the free trial, and over a hundred of those are happy subscribers, some from the very start.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who came and had a look, everyone who gave feedback, spread the word, or signed up. You are the only reason I’m doing this.

It’s been a pretty rough ride for me personally, I wrote a long and personal post about how the past year has been. You can check that out on the blog.

In case you missed it

Writing Node.js Scripts with ClojureScript

The last two episodes were about Building Command Line Applications with Lumo. Then someone asked on Slack how to write Node.js scripts with ClojureScript without Lumo, so I wrote a blog posts that shows exactly that.

Emacs and Clojure, a Lispy <3 Affair

I make heavy use of Emacs in my videos, but I rarely dwell on Emacs-specific functionality, since the videos should be accessible to people no matter which editor they are using. If you do use Emacs and want to learn more about all the cool stuff that is available for Emacs when developing Clojure, you can check out this talk I did at the Emacs Berlin meetup.

ClojureScript and React.js

I also spoke recently the Berlin React.js meetup about using ClojureScript with React. The talk is intended for a JavaScript audience, so if you’re already fluent in ClojureScript it won’t have that much to offer. The talk starts with a lengthy introduction into the syntax and implementation of ClojureScript, and so it could be a good video to share with people who are curious about this great language.