Collection: Ring and Compojure

The Ring library forms the core of Clojure web development. If you're not sure where to start then this is the series for you. It will give you a solid foundation of the core abstractions involved. It also introduces the Compojure routing library, providing an easy way to start building real apps.

28. Authentication with Buddy
Published 03 April 17

Buddy is a popular security library for implementing authentication and authorization. In this episode you’ll learn what the difference is, and how to implement password based authentication for a simple Ring app.

21. Compojure
Published 09 December 16

Compojure is one of the more popular routing libraries for Ring. It’s easy to pick up, and gives you a great foundation to further explore Clojure web development.

17. Ring, part 3: Return of the Middleware
Published 09 September 16

We add GET, PUT, DELETE operations to the contact book API. In the process we pull out the EDN handling into its own middleware, and come across some handy Regex tips. This third episode picks up the pace a bit, but by now that shouldn’t be a problem.

16. Ring, part 2: the Two Routes
Published 01 September 16

In this second installment of our beginner friendly introduction to Ring the API goes from being read-only to being read-write. You also learn about juxt, slurp, and how to parse an incoming request body.

13. Ring, part 1
Published 06 August 16

In this new series you’ll build an API with Ring from the ground up. The pace is slow and no steps are skipped, making it a great lesson for beginners.