Collection: ClojureScript Interop & Tooling

ClojureScript has revolutionized frontend development. The initial learning curve can be steep, but once you're over that initial hump the payoff is great. Learn how to tame the ClojureScript compiler, and how to bridge the gap between your functional ClojureScript code and the wild world of JavaScript.

18. Using JavaScript libraries in ClojureScriptFreebie
Published 23 September 16

One of the benefits of ClojureScript is that it lets you leverage the great JavaScript ecosystem. Using arbitrary JS libraries isn’t always trivial though, and a lot of head scratching can ensue. In this episode you’ll learn the exact steps from here to success, and you’ll gain insight into ClojureScript’s build process, so you can tackle any challenge that comes your way.

15. Using Figwheel With Emacs, part 2: CIDER
Published 20 August 16

By using Figwheel with CIDER you get both a Clojure and a ClojureScript REPL at the same time, and you get all the nice features of CIDER. It’s a more complex setup than just straight inf-clojure, so before we get there we need to talk a bit about nREPL and Piggieback, tooling you should be familiar with, no matter which editor you are using.

14. Using Figwheel With Emacs, part 1: inf-clojure-mode
Published 16 August 16

Learn how to integrate Figwheel’s browser connected REPL into Emacs, for an ever greater degree of interactive development, using inf-clojure-mode.

8. The ClojureScript Compiler
Published 17 June 16

To be effective at programming, you have to understand your tools. In this episode we’ll peel a few layers away, and use the ClojureScript compiler without any help from Leiningen, Cljsbuild or Figwheel. You’ll learn about compiler options, levels of optimization, the role of the Google Closure Library, and how to confgure the compiler for development and production use.

4. ClojureScript InteropFreebie
Published 20 May 16

In this episode we’ll go over all the tools ClojureScript puts at your disposal to interoperate with JavaScript. You’ll learn how to call JavaScript libraries, how to work with JavaScript datatypes, how to convert data back and forth, and how to use “this”.